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Chris Carey’s Collections are an established used clothing collector, grader, sorter and processor. This London based, family run business has over 100 years of textile waste expertise, developing and investing in modern solutions for the UK’s rapidly growing fashion habit. With over 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions (more than shipping and aviation combined), being produced by the fashion industry and over 20% of the worlds water usage being utilised by fashion production; it is easy to understand the importance of finding sustainable solutions for clothing waste.  

It is believed that 85% of the clothing we purchase ends up in Landfill each year. It can take over 200 years for clothing to decompose and throughout that process the textiles release harmful chemicals and dyes into the groundwater and our soil, which contribute to global warming by producing methane gas. It is our primary aim to address fashion’s climate emergency as, in our opinion there is a more effective way to dealing with unwanted clothing. We find sustainable solutions for your clothing waste by hand sorting them, making repairs and reselling to people who want them for reuse, or repurpose into things like insulation materials, giving them a new lease of life. It takes 2,700 litres of water to make one T–shirt, that’s enough water for one person to drink for two and a half years. Please don’t just chuck that T-shirt in the bin when you no longer want it. 

Don’t throw your unloved clothing in the bin; put it in one of the textile recycling banks we provide, located throughout the Bromley Borough and let us deal with them responsibly for you, so it does not end up in Landfill.

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