Kappa was born in Turin in 1967, founded by Maurizio Vitale. In 1978, Marco Boglione, then a young sales and marketing manager, convinced Maurizio Vitale to create a department dedicated to sports. One year later, Kappa was the first brand in Italy to sponsor a football team. This strategic decision made Kappa an international brand. In 1984, technology and design triumphed. Kappa is the official sponsor of the American athletics team and has developed innovative equipment. Carl Lewis wins four gold medals. At the beginning of the 2000s, Kappa creates a jersey made of a fabric that provides great elasticity.The first skin-tight jersey is born, the KombatTM jersey.

The « Omini » of the Kappa logo was created quite by chance during a photo shoot for a Beatrix swimsuit ad in 1969. It represents a man and a woman back to back. Their silhouettes became the Kappa identity, a symbol of quality, equality and style throughout the world.

Today, Kappa sponsors major football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, rallying, skiing, golf, fencing and martial arts teams, as well as numerous sports federations around the world.

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