Looks Lovely Ltd

Looks Lovely Ltd undertakes all smart home services ranging from wireless access points through multi room audio and video to our passion Lighting and Shades control.

Looks Lovely Ltd has been established since 2010 with an emphasis on providing the latest and best products to our customers. We provide free advise to get you the best from your project. There are no salesmen , you will be dealing with the people installing your products. Carrying out work in someones home is a great responsibility as people are trusting you with their most expensive asset and expect you to provide the service they are paying for. My philosophy is would I accept that in my house and if the answer is no then it will be done to the correct standard so that I can walk away proud of my installation and have a happy home owner.

We provide various Smart Home solutions but our passion is for lighting control, Motorised blinds and shades. With modern living and open plan living you can sometimes end top with an industrial look to your lighting control, with lighting control you can turn off lights in other areas of the home. You can also use your phone or voice to control the lights.

Make your home smart make your life easier.

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