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Economic matchmaking for our club business members has been the primary objective of VIP Fans Club. The centre of this networking is in the luxury suites and premium seating at sporting venues in California. We recently expanded this to take in major sporting events across the country where the suite networkers can meet with fellow club members around the U.S.

We are now growing the club into the UK. This will expand the opportunities for our U.S. members to travel to club events, attend sporting events, and network with businesses in Britain. As our UK club membership develops, we look forward to welcoming them to the U.S. for our events and networking opportunities. Las Vegas is now our second hub after L.A. so we will be growing the event base in this sports and entertainment capital.

We will also be developing non-business memberships in the UK. This will offer regular club contests to win tickets to the biggest sporting events in the UK and U.S., as well as travel packages to our two main U.S. locations. We will then be offering the same in the U.S. with contests, and travel packages to London.

Luxury experiences, the best sporting events, and a lot of fun. Al shared with your fellow VIP club members. That’s why we say the good life is a team sport.

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