Academy Philosophy

To create a nationally recognised community centered youth football club that addresses all levels of education within football. Bromley Football Club is proud to be seen as part of the local area and recognises that it can play a part in improving the lives of people associated with the club and of the wider community. This will be achieved through continuing support of local schools as well as local & national voluntary/charitable organisations. The club also recognises that it has a responsibility to help protect the environment in which we all live and work in.

Bromley Football Club is actively committed to upholding its own standards, values and expectations in relation to Equality.

As a professional Football Club, Bromley F.C. is committed to adhering to the Equality Act 2010 and the confrontation and elimination of discrimination whether by reasons of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status or civil partnership, nationality, ethnicity (race), religion or belief, ability or disability, pregnancy/maternity and to encourage equal opportunities.

Bromley Football Club has a zero tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination or harassment, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with the appropriate disciplinary action.

The Club supports the Football Association and the National League in their commitment to develop a framework for training and awareness, raising events and activities in order to promote the eradication of discrimination.

Bromley Football Club aims to educate and prepare players for excellence in football through the implementation of a well-defined, age specific coaching and education programme which will allow for the holistic development of each individual player.

A small percentage of academy players’ individuals will progress to play as professional players for the first team, however, the aim will also be to improve each and every player who attends the Academy to not only improve as a player but as a person for the wider community.

Bromley Football Club Academy will provide a challenging learning environment designed to encourage the development of technical skills and game understanding.

The coaching and education programme will deliver the five key moments of the game. Defending, Attacking, Transition, Restarts, Game Management.

The coaching and education programme will be designed to offer age appropriate learning and assessment strategies.

All staff will be suitably qualified and experienced for the role they carry out. All coaches will be trained in Safeguarding Children & Emergency Aid and will have undertaken an FA DBS CRC Enhanced Disclosure.

All staff will follow the BFCA codes of conduct demonstrate a professional yet friendly approach to ensure children and young people receive a positive coaching experience which supports the development of their football, personal and life skills.

All staff and players will be expected to maintain a disciplined approach towards training and match play.

All staff will be expected to offer positive, constructive feedback to all players and parents at regular intervals in accordance with the FA Youth Rules and Regulations.

Bromley Football Club Academy is a committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young players. The club expect all staff, volunteers, parents/carers, young players, any partner agencies or any commissioned service providers to share this commitment.

The Chairman and The Board of Directors believe that the way in which the Academy builds success is by ensuring that the Club have the right people on the staff team (The process for this is outlined in the Academy recruitment policy). Ensuring staff and volunteers are safely recruited, are well trained, understand their roles, responsibilities and the importance of working ethically with young players will create the safe environment where our young players can develop to their full potential. Bromley Football Club Academy does this by structuring Safeguarding and welfare policies that follow the Football Association and National League Guidance.

The key principles underpinning the Academy’s welfare philosophy, values and vision are that:

  • a. The welfare of children and young people is, and must always be, the paramount consideration.
  • b. All children, young people and vulnerable adults have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious belief or sexual identity.
  • c. All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.
  • d. Working in partnership with children, young people and their parents/carers is an essential element of our work.

Bromley Football Club’s Policy Statement for Safeguarding Children and the Equal Opportunities Policy Statement provides more comprehensive information on our commitment to equality of opportunity as outlined in the Safeguarding Policy.

Academy Values: Believe Focus Commit Achieve

BELIEVE: in winning in education and footballBromley Football club is committed to adopting a playing style, strategy and system that gives each individual player the opportunity to succeed at every stage of the developmental process and programme. The club will plan deliver and assess at the highest levels to ensure each player pathway and adopts the value of teamwork.

FOCUS: on building a “better you” through the education and football framework. Plan short medium and long term goals. To give full attention and have the full capacity to not be distracted on your player pathway journey

COMMITMENT: Commit to every developmental phase throughout the Bromley Football Club Academy journey. Be determined to that staff and coaches and players deliver to make appropriate progress and transition.

ACHIEVE: The player’s attitudes towards education and football will facilitate with their overall achievements in life; not just in football.

Our Vision is to maximize the development of every player through consistently building and sustaining their commitment to their educational and playing pathways

The Club has a number of core values that filter down from the Chairman, The Board of Directors, and the Management Team to all players, staff and supporters. The Club will endeavour to uphold their tradition in values and that it is always working towards improving them every year.

In order to maintain the National League Academy status without overstretching the “sustainable” financial budget the club will need to provide a structured programme of learning and development in order to produce its own home grown talent.

The Board of Directors fully endorse the Academy philosophy in order to produce the players of the future for Bromley Football Club and recognises the need for the club to provide continuity, stability and sustainability by providing the opportunity to deliver a programme of excellence through the various structured phases of the Academy Programme.

The club will continue to demonstrate its commitment and support for youth development and continuous improvement of the youth academy player development programme through its Academy. Bromley FC aims to be at the forefront in producing intelligent and physically advanced young players who will represent the club at the highest level. It is Bromley FC’s vision that players should progress through the academy having learnt the importance of Belief, Focus, Commitment and Achieve

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