23 September 2015

Academy Players Blog: Jesse McKenzie

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My first two weeks in the classroom have been good and I think all the first years & myself have got off to a good start academically as we all have a good understanding of what we are doing and how important it is to get in on time and be prepared.

Having class at the club is better than college or sixth from for me as it’s not only close to the football scene but it also allows all of the players to bond quickly, with the work and teaching methods being as challenging & demanding as sixth from or college.

As the season has just began the academy as a whole have done extremely well in the first games with the Whites winning 5-1 at home against Cray & the Blues winning 6-1 away to Eastbourne Borough. As the Whites captain I was proud of the way we conducted ourselves from before the game in the warm up. The whole squad was up for it & had a positive mind frame which led to us playing good football. Our number 9 Trey netted four goals winning the match ball & we conceded minimal goals leaving us with a good frame to build on.

Jesse McKenzie

Academy 1st Year Scholar

Squad Number: 15

Position: Centre Back

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