16 January 2024

Bromley FC launch Project 30,000

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Bromley FC launch Project 30,000

Bromley FC are excited to announce the launch of: ‘Project 30,000’.

The project sets out to achieve a total of 30,000 fans attending matches at Hayes Lane across the remaining home fixtures of the 2023/24 season. It represents an historic milestone for the Club and reflects the important role that supporters play in driving success for Bromley FC both on and off the pitch.

Project 30,000 is one of a number of targets set by Owner and Chairman Robin Stanton-Gleaves, alongside the aim of securing a top three spot this season, with the ultimate collective goal being promotion to EFL League Two. As we currently sit in second place in the National League, the unwavering commitment and hard work from players, staff, partners and fans, is evident.

Furthermore, Project 30,000 is more than just a target. It’s a philosophy that the Club will adopt, making new and concerted effort to ensure that a matchday at Hayes Lane is as attainable and enjoyable for all walks of Bromley life, and beyond. Most importantly, this will translate to tangible benefits felt by fans and the wider community.

While ambitious, we believe our numerical target is achievable, given the population size of Bromley and passion for sport within the community. We only ask of our fans, and the wider Bromley community, two things:

  • Show your support for the team in-person for as many remaining home fixtures as you can.
  • Spread the word about the Club – tell friends, family, neighbours, colleagues – we want to get the whole community behind the team for the rest of the season.

There are three key reasons that your support is needed. Atmosphere, success and community.

  • Atmosphere: The electric atmosphere that is possible at Hayes Lane on match days helps the players go the extra mile. The team thrive on the energy, shown by our biggest win and league attendance of the season against Ebbsfleet United.
  • Success: Increased ticket sales enable us to invest more in the squad, increasing our chances of promotion and sustained footballing and financial success. 3 of the top 6 Clubs in EFL League 2 (Stockport, Wrexham AFC and Notts County) have been promoted from the National League in the last 2 years.
  • Community: Bromley is defined by its: entrepreneurship, education, green spaces, sport and most importantly, its thriving community. There is so much to shout about, and the Club plays an important role in driving and showcasing this. EFL football and the uplift in media coverage will help the Club take its already strong community work and spotlight to a new level.

Our promise to fans

As mentioned, the Club will be creating cost-saving and tailored benefits between now and the end of the season. The Club fully appreciate the extensive demands of modern life. So, we are committed to providing flexibility and affordability for fans, ensuring that everyone can easily attend and be part of our promotion push.

At the turn of the year, we caught up with Owner & Chairman Robin Stanton-Gleaves who delved into more detail about project 30,000 whilst also highlighting the continued improvements on and off the pitch at Hayes Lane. If you’re unable to access the above video, click here


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