17 March 2023

Circle Health Group Announce New Sponsorship at Bromley Football Club

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Circle Health Group Announce New Sponsorship at Bromley Football Club

Circle Health Group are the UK’s largest national network of private hospitals. They offer innovative neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation services as well as pathway management services.

They offer their treatments and services in number of different Hospitals across the UK. This includes Chelsfield Park Hospital, The Sloane Hospital, The Blackheath Hospital and Shirley Oaks Hospital

Circle Health Group are proven in making an impact on local communities. Last year, they were named the Private Hospital Group of the Year and one of the Top 25 Best Big Companies to Work For.

Chelsfield Park Hospital representative, Stephen Leigh commented: “Circle Health Group South London Hospitals are delighted to be supporting local football club Bromley FC. The work and commitment the Club have invested into their local community is truly inspiring and is one of the many reasons we are proud to be partnering with them on their journey of promotion to the football league.”

Emma Santer, JT Head of Sponsorship and Partnerships, said: “It has been a pleasure to get to know Stephen and find out more about the services that are available at Circle Health Group at their four locations.

It is true what they say that health is wealth, therefore it is good to know that Circle Health have a wide range of medical services available to people should the need arise.”

To find out more information on Circle Health Group, please visit their website here or phone 0808 296 5243

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