10 July 2020

An update from the Chairman – 8th July

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To all of our loyal supporters.

Firstly, I hope you, your family and friends are all keeping well. We are all missing being at Hayes Lane and getting behind the team, but we remain hopeful that a return is on the horizon.

Back in March, when all of our income streams ceased overnight, myself and the board committed to making all the necessary decisions moving through this pandemic in the best interests of the club, so that we can come out the other side of this alive and ready to go again. Hopefully that’s not too far away now.

The most significant progress so far has been the partial return of our Academy students. A lot of praise needs to go to Mark Hammond, Tom Beaumont, Sue Whittaker and all the Academy staff, who have ensured this has been done safely and in line with all Government protocols.

Unfortunately for all involved, we continue to suffer from a lack of clarity and further information in relation to the return of senior football at our level and under what capacity restrictions, although a mid-September return has been suggested.

As I’m sure supporters will understand, this makes it incredibly difficult for the club to confirm admission prices and season ticket arrangements for the coming season. This also adds extra difficulties for Neil and the building of his squad for the 2020/21 season. However, I want to reassure you that we are working hard to make progress on both fronts and I know Neil is keen to provide a general squad update very soon.

For the 2019/20 season, we hit another Club record in terms of Season Ticket sales, which is outstanding. I want to thank you all for playing your part in that. Unfortunately, for those of you who did commit to us, you will have missed the final four home matches due to the season being cut short.

You have all been extremely patient with how we are going to resolve this, and numerous supporters have contacted the club and very kindly offered to donate their refund back to us. I’d like to stress to all of you that this is by far the easiest and best way that you can support us at the moment, and where possible, this is where we’d like to encourage you to do so if you can.

The cost of refunding every single season ticket holder is significant, which is why we’re asking for your support. However, as always, the Club wish to do the right thing by our supporters, and for those of you who would like your refunds, we will of course honour your request and process them as quickly as possible.

During the next few weeks, we will be contacting all season ticket holders to find out which of the above options they would like to take. Please ensure we have up to date contact information so that we can get in touch.

In Summary, the refund amounts for each Season Ticket Type have been calculated based on the price at the time of purchase. If you choose not to opt for a refund, this amount will be donated back to the Club and will be greatly appreciated. We will calculate a running summary of how much supporters have donated back to the Club and communicate this with you regularly.

It has no doubt been a difficult period for the Club, perhaps our most challenging in recent times, but I want to thank each and every one of our supporters and staff for their continued support and commitment. We have seen the 100+ Club grow dramatically in the past three months, and coupled with the recent Club shop clearance, we have seen just how all of you are still doing your bit to help.

The biggest reward for us all will be seeing Bromley kick a ball again for the first time, which I am very much looking forward to seeing in the not too distant future.

Until then, please stay safe. We will keep you all updated with further news in the coming weeks.

Thanks again,


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