21 March 2023

BPM Property Maintenance Ltd Join Bromley Football Club for the 23/24 Season

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BPM Property Maintenance Ltd Join Bromley Football Club for the 23/24 Season

Bromley Football Club are proud to announce that BPM Property Maintenance Ltd will be supporting the Club for the 23/24 season. 

Their expertise extends across entire luxury hotel chains to small domestic properties dealing with cleaning, maintaining, and refurbishing.  

Additionally, to BPM Property Maintenance’s outstanding experience, the team understand the importance of playing their part in reducing their impact on the planet by creating a more sustainable future, which is exactly what we look for at Bromley Football Club. 

The team have set themselves a mission to create a fully electric fleet of vehicles, collecting wastewater for their offices to be used for vehicle washing, using 100% pure water for their window cleaning, using only energy efficient lighting, and keeping the use of paper to an absolute minimum and recycling any paper they use.  

Barry Moore, Managing Director, said: “I have been a supporter of Bromley Football Club for many years and therefore saw the sponsorship as a great opportunity to support the Club.  We are looking forward to being involved and to attending some of the matches.”

Bromley Football Club’s Jt. Head of Partnership and Sponsorships Emma Santer said “It is great to have BPM Property Maintenance Ltd on board as a new sponsor and it has been a pleasure to get to know Barry and Sue.   

The team at BPM Property Maintenance has over 30 years’ experience in cleaning, maintaining and refurbishing properties, both domestic and commercial, therefore I am sure their experience will be welcomed by the supporters of Bromley FC and the visitors to Hayes Lane.” 

For any further information on BPM Property Maintenance Ltd please visit their website by clicking here or email info@bpmservicesltd.co.uk. 

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