24 February 2016

Ground Grading Update

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A quick update from the Club on the Ground Grading works taking place.

The first of two new rows of crush barriers have been installed on the ‘dugout’ terrace, no doubt seen by supporters at recent games, although a fresh coat of white paint is still required. The holes have been dug on the ‘car park’ terrace for the installation of the new crush barrier at the front of the terrace, which should be completed by Friday.

We’ve had a great response from supporters wishing to salvage the existing iconic white barriers, which will be removed shortly. We will be in touch with those supporters who have requested a barrier once the removal works have been completed.

The work for the additional turnstiles at Exit 2 has began and is expected to be finished middle of next week.

Upgrading of the floodlights at Hayes Lane has begun with the installation of an additional lamp to each of the existing pylons – (See tweet below!). The upgrade of power and connection of these new lights will commence beginning of March.

The Club remains happy with the progress made and is on target to receive its ‘A Grade’ at the end of March.

Image copyright Mark Avenell – www.mpaphotography.co.uk

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