10 January 2022

Naming our new Bar & Kitchen

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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve communication and fan engagement, we would like to give fellow fans the opportunity to assist the Club in choosing a name for our new Bar and Kitchen, located in the new building.

The following shortlist has been prepared following brainstorming, local consultation and stakeholder engagement.


A historic reference to the sprigs of broom, as an emblem of the town and a feature of our Club crest, and refers to fields or pastures around Bromley where broom previously grew.


Another historic reference, this time to our former ‘Benches End’. A bench being a place to sit, relax and enjoy the company of others.

South Central

Located just beyond Bromley South. Central to our South Stand. The Central hub of all our Bromley Football Club activities.


Many of our lives revolve around Bromley Football Club. Supporters are the life and soul of the Club. Come to Bromley – Come to LIFE!


Reflects Bromley FC’s personality and values, i.e., local, warm, sense of belonging, interactive, sociable, friendly, inclusive and accessible.

We are keen to have a name in place as soon as possible and would appreciate supporters feedback and involvement to help us proceed.

Thanks again for your continued support.


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