7 August 2015

Smoke No Joke – National League Campaign

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As the new season begins this weekend, Bromley Football Club would like to make all fans aware of The National League’s latest Campaign: Smoke – No Joke.

As the club has been subject to flares and smoke bombs before, we feel it is necessary to reiterate to fans the impact it can have on a football club.

Not only can it harm the health of you and other fans with the chemicals they are built with, but your actions will also have a huge impact on the club you support.

The Club can face hefty fines, and possibly even points deductions, (this is not including any further actions that can be taken by the police, local council and the FA) as a result of flares and smoke bombs being let off around the ground.

As for the culprit(s) responsible…. you will be escorted out of the ground and issued with a ban by the club. The Police will also take action and prosecute anyone caught in possession of pyrotechnics.

We all enjoy a fantastic atmosphere at Hayes Lane and all we ask is to respect your fellow fans and your club on match days.

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