19 March 2020

Playing our part – How can we help?

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With everything taking unexpected twists and turns in all of our worlds in recent days and weeks, many of you will be wondering what is going on at your beloved Football Club.

Bromley Football Club is a family club with everyone involved with it, in whatever capacity, at the heart of everything it does. With that in mind, we are committed to reaching out and helping those who need it the most in these uncertain times.

Therefore, Club staff will be sorting through our food stock today to donate to the local Bromley Borough foodbank, which will no doubt be inundated with requests at present. And where possible, we would encourage supporters to do the same –  click here for details.

The Football Club are also liaising with the local authority who are coordinating Bromley’s volunteer response in order to make our facilities available where and if required.

Not only this, but we understand that a number of our supporters may also need support. We feel it is only right to provide this to our loyal fanbase, and will be contacting older supporters throughout the morning to offer any support we can including delivery of food.

Just as the team does when the chips are down, we need to stick together during this tough period. All of us, from supporters, to players and staff, are what makes our Bromley Football Club family.

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