8 June 2023

Diversita Joins Forces with Bromley Football Club as a New Sponsor

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Diversita Joins Forces with Bromley Football Club as a New Sponsor

Bromley FC is thrilled to announce its partnership with Diversita, a leading organisation dedicated to promoting neurodiversity and empowering neurodivergent individuals. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone in both organisations’ shared mission to drive positive change and raise awareness of neurodiversity in the community.

As a Bromley-based business, Diversita was deeply impressed by Bromley FC’s commitment to engaging with the local community. The Co-Founders and Directors, Giulia and Marc Crawley, expressed their enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “Diversita are so happy to collaborate with Bromley FC and to become a community partner.

Our primary focuses are to contribute positively to the neurodiverse community and help get more neurodivergent professionals into work. We were impressed with Bromley FC’s focus on engagement with the local community, and as a Bromley based business ourselves, all of us at Diversita are excited to be able to assist everyone at the club in raising neurodiversity awareness.”

Bromley Football Club, renowned for its dedication to promoting inclusivity, warmly welcomes Diversita as an official partner and sponsor for the upcoming 23/24 season. Mick Livesey, Head of Partnerships and Sponsorships at the Club, expressed his delight with the collaboration, saying: “We are delighted to welcome Diversita as an official partner and sponsor of the football club. It is great to see our business community continuing to grow. On behalf of myself and everyone at the football club, I would like to thank Giulia and Marc Crawley for their incredible support.”

This partnership between Diversita and Bromley FC signifies a significant step forward in creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodivergent individuals within the community. Through their shared commitment, the two organizations aim to raise awareness, provide opportunities, and empower neurodivergent professionals.

To find out more about Diversita and their work please visit them via our business directory by clicking here.

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