10 April 2021

Freddie Farmer Foundation

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Freddie Farmer Foundation was formed in 2011 to raise funds to set up a specialised physiotherapy centre in South East London for children and young people with cerebral palsy and mobility problems, developmental delay/co-ordination disorders and other non-progressive neurological disorders and syndromes as well as providing support for their families and carers.

After finding a dilapidated building in Bromley, Kent around three years on from establishing the Freddie Farmer Foundation charity and after much refurbishment work, we finally opened our doors to our first children in May 2015.

The Freddie Farmer Physiotherapy Centre provides intensive physiotherapy programmes for disabled children aged 3 -16 years and is one of a handful of independent UK therapy centres offering specialist equipment and therapeutic exercises, supporting disabled children from all over London and the South East.

We provide 2 hours per day of intensive physiotherapy over a 2 or 4 week block session.

It is a not-for-profit charity, and all the money it raises go 100% back to fund the centre; there are no paid executives or fundraisers, everyone involved is a volunteer.

Our running costs are approximately £130k per annum, and are funded as follows:

  • £50k from contributions from families that use the centre at £30 per hour (We have kept this charge to a minimum ensuring it is affordable to all).
  • The remaining £80k comes from fundraising.

Impact of COVID-19

All of our planned annual fundraising events for 2020 were cancelled.

Additionally, due to lockdown, our Physiotherapy Centre was closed for 3 months in 2020 and the first 3 months of 2021 meaning there was no income from families making it a

difficult year to raise funds to cover costs.

For further information about the Freddie Farmer Foundation please contact charity officer Karen Smith on 020 8313 3707, email karen@freddiefarmerfoundation.org.uk or visit the website www.freddiefarmerfoundation.org

Freddie Farmer Foundation Unit 2 Invicta Works, Elliott Road, Bromley BR2 9NT

Registered Charity, England & Wales No. 1140588

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