8 June 2023

A-Plan Insurance Renews and Expands Partnership with Bromley Football Club

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A-Plan Insurance Renews and Expands Partnership with Bromley Football Club

We are delighted to announce the renewal and expansion of our partnership with A-Plan Insurance, a leading insurance provider, for the upcoming season. This continued collaboration signifies A-Plan Insurance’s commitment to supporting the Club and the local community.

Eric Flitter, Branch Manager for A-Plan Insurance, Bromley, expressed his excitement about the extended partnership, stating, “A fantastic feeling to renew and upgrade our sponsorship package with Bromley FC for the following year. It’s great to feel part of something special that is happening at the club. A-Plan will continue to support Bromley FC and the local community in any way they can! Roll on next season!”

As an official Partner and Sponsor of Bromley Football Club, A-Plan Insurance will have its brand prominently displayed across the stadium throughout the season. This strategic branding opportunity will further enhance A-Plan Insurance’s visibility and reaffirm its commitment to the local sports community.

Mick Livesey, Head of Partnerships and Sponsorships at Bromley Football Club, expressed his gratitude, saying, “We are delighted to continue our partnership with A-Plan Insurance as an official Partner and Sponsor of the Football Club. A-Plan Insurance will be branded across the stadium next season, and we are excited to build on initiatives together. It is great to see our business community continuing to grow. On behalf of myself and everyone at the football club, I would like to thank Eric Flitter for his incredible support.”

A-Plan Insurance has a long-standing commitment to supporting local communities and sporting endeavours. Their partnership with Bromley Football Club showcases their dedication to promoting grassroots sports and fostering a sense of togetherness within the community.

To find out more about A-Plan Insurance and their services please visit them via our Business Directory by clicking here.

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