15 May 2020

2019/20: The Chairman’s summary

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At Bromley Football Club’s virtual end of season awards ceremony, chairman Robin Stanton-Gleaves was on hand to summarise his thoughts on the season just gone, as well as address supporters in these strange times.

When asked for his thoughts on the Ravens’ 2019/20 campaign, Stanton-Gleaves commented; “From my point of view, it was an outstanding start to the season. I think for the first time as a football club, we put our heads together and got some money out of our pockets and decided to put a group of players together to give Smudge and his management team every opportunity to have a go at the playoffs.”

“We had a big turning point at Yeovil, where we lost a goalkeeper and a centre half. Obviously, results then fluctuated. When the season came to an end, I still believe that with the run of games we had, that a playoff place was in the offing and that was our target at the start of the season.”

On the impact the Coronavirus pandemic had on the season, he added; “To not be able to get to the end and to hit the hurdle we have is a little bit of a disappointment from the objective set. But the way the players went about things at the beginning of the season and in tough periods, and the way Smudge composed himself and his team and got us to the places we did, I was very proud of what they achieved on the pitch.”

Moving onto off field matters, Stanton-Gleaves continued to express his pride; “And equally, I was proud of how the management team off the pitch, from the day to day full time staff to the matchday staff took the Club to the next level.”

“We’re all missing football, I think it goes without saying. I’ve not been involved with the Club as long as many, both staff and supporters. I know many of you have supported the Club for many, many years. As new as I am, I’m touched as anybody and remarkably proud to hold the position I have in the club. I miss the game, and I miss Bromley Football Club!”

“We have to balance it though. We are in an episode of life which is unprecedented. As much as we are all missing the game, there are far more important things that have to be dealt with.”

Stanton-Gleaves was also keen to make the club’s current position clear, as well as looking ahead; “As I sit here today, we are in a great place. I say that whilst acknowledging some of our sponsors. One of our particular sponsors, who has sponsored tonight’s awards ceremony, as been outstanding. He’s shown his commitment through his money, in helping us through this time, as have other sponsors.”

Finally, the Chairman was asked for his message to supporters; “Whatever happens with football and whatever decisions are made, I promise you this – Bromley Football Club will be there at the end of it. Bromley Football Club will be there when we are allowed to kick our first ball, when the referee is allowed to blow his whistle, we will be there.”

“We will be there with a set of players and an infrastructure in place and compete for that title of the National League. I haven’t changed my mindset that I want to take Bromley Football Club into League Two. I’ll tell you now when we get to League Two, I wish to take them to League One!”

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