15 August 2015

Grimsby Town 4-1 Bromley

  • Men's

Grimsby started the game with dominant possession and with only 2 minutes on the clock, Padraig Amond opened the scoring when the ball was crossed in to the box and cleared by Francis only to rebound back to Amond who then slotted home from close range. The second goal came just five minutes later when Grimsby advanced in to the Bromley half, Omar Bogle received the ball which under first review looked to be offside. Holland run back to tackle Bogle and at the point of Jack sliding in, Bogle looked to fall over the ball and into Jack’s leg, the referee decided to awarded the penalty. Bogle then stepped up and scored the second for Grimsby.

Grimsby continued to press Bromley and on the 25th minute broke through again as Padraig Amond made it 3 nil. Bromley then began to find their feet and started working their way in to the oppositions half, our first chance serious chance came in the 40th minute when a cross from Joe Anderson found its way to new loanee Callum Davies who put the ball in to the far bottom corner to make it 3-1.

The second half saw Bromley’s first substitution as Louis Dennis replaced Callum Davies. With this Bromley shifted their formation to a more familiar 4-4-2. The team started off stronger than Grimsby but despite winning various challenges Bromley was unable to break in to the box and test the keeper. The final goal was scored by Grimsby when they broke in to the Bromley half. The ball was crossed from the wing and in to Craig Clay who was left clear in the middle of the box to put away Grimsby’s fourth and final goal.

Bromley fans deserve a special mention, the 84 fans travelled to the game and could be heard throughout the game and never stopped singing.

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