8 July 2019

Club form charity partnership with Sarcoidosis UK

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Bromley Football Club are delighted to announce a new charity partnership with Sarcoidosis UK.

Sarcoidosis is a condition where lumps called granulomas develop at different sites within the body. These granulomas are made up of clusters of cells involved in inflammation. If many granulomas form in an organ, it can prevent that organ from working properly. While it often affects the lungs, it can also affect the skin, eyes, joints, nervous system, heart and other body parts.

SarcoidosisUK have four main goals – to provide quality information, to offer meaningful support, to increase awareness, and to fund research towards a cure.

They work with top sarcoidosis specialists to write detailed patient information leaflets and online resources. They also offer support services to anyone affected including a specialist Nurse Helpline and a Support Group network across the UK.

In order to achieve SarcoidosisUK’s primary goal of finding a cure, the charity has funded a significant piece of research into understanding more about sarcoidosis for the past 5 years. They are committed to funding more research this year, next year, and every year until they have found a cure for sarcoidosis.

The partnership between Bromley FC and SarcoidosisUK will see the SarcoidosisUK logo on the left sleeve of the 1st team’s home, away and third playing shirts for the 2019/20 season, as well as on several pitch-side boards in front of the new South Stand at Hayes Lane.

SarcoidosisUK Chairman, Henry Shelford, commented: “I’m delighted to have formed this partnership. SarcoidosisUK face a constant challenge in raising awareness of sarcoidosis – getting the disease recognised and out there for the public to see is very difficult. This lack of recognition creates many challenges for patients. Working with Bromley FC will mean we can reach out to so many more people and will be transformational for the charity. It will really make a huge difference to the people that we support.”

Check our the official SarcoidosisUK website by clicking here>

The partnership will add to the existing and proud work the Club continues to do with our existing partners such as the Freddie Farmer Foundation and The Chartwell Cancer Trust.

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