8 April 2022

George Wakeling enjoys table at Broomfields

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  • Road to Wembley

Last Saturday, Broomfields bar and kitchen opened for the first time for supporters to visit in the Glyn Beverly stand.

Hundreds of supporters popped by for a drink and bite to eat as Bromley secured our spot in the FA Trophy final which takes place on Saturday 22nd May.

The opening of Broomfields marked a significant moment for the football club. The addition of a fantastic new facility continues to build a legacy and enhance the experience of travelling to Hayes Lane.

To mark the occasion, former Ravens Manager George Wakeling hosted a table at Broomfields with his wife Jan Wakeling. The table proudly included Margaret, Alex Beverley and Kate Beverley, Kay and Peter Foirini and Bobby Dennington.

It was our pleasure to welcome the families to Broomfields to see the bar and kitchen themselves and be present for yet another special and memorable day in our club history.

George will be getting further involved with the football club. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about that soon…

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