7 February 2021

Interview: Smith reacts to Weymouth defeat

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Manager Neil Smith has spoken of his disappointment at key moments of the game in his side’s defeat in Dorset on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m very disappointed with the first six minutes of the game. Once you concede a penalty within two minutes and then four minutes later you concede again, the game plan goes out of the window. The boys stuck with it though, and Kizzi got us back in it and then we hit the crossbar just before we came in for half time.”

“We got our frustrations out at half time and told the boys what we needed to do to be better and actually went back out with a little confidence knowing that if we could get back into it, we could go on and win.”

Speaking on the two red cards which cost the Ravens, Smith commented; “Then you have two players who go and do their own thing and get sent off. That doesn’t help matters at all when we’re a goal down and fighting to get back into it. But even with nine men, we were still creating chances, so what we could have done with eleven, we’ll never know. There are a couple of players who have let themselves down, and it’s disappointing as they’re better than that.”

“I’m very disappointed with the result. You can’t legislate for the first five minutes of the game. A mistake gives them the penalty and we’re already fighting a battle, but the two sending offs we can legislate for. It’s happened too often this season. We’ll be in on Sunday to chat about the game and remind the players what’s expected of them for the rest of the season. It’s a quick turnaround before Tuesday’s game and I want everyone to be able to get things off their chest.”

“We were caught out for both goals and they were as bad as each other. But we always had belief we could get something and getting the goal back gave the players a lift. I believe that with eleven men, we get a result. Going down to ten is bad enough, but to lose another was devastating. It can’t keep happening. Silly bookings and sending offs are costing us at the moment and it’s something we need to put to bed and move forward.”

Speaking ahead of Tuesday’s game against King’s Lynn, he added. “We haven’t got much time to prepare. The games are coming thick and fast now, which is why I’m getting the players in on Sunday to then come in on Monday with full focus on King’s Lynn. It’s up to the players, myself and my team to turn it around now and get a result now.”


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