28 March 2022

Meet Chef Ali

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Broomfields Bar and Kitchen opens on Saturday 2nd April. Final touches are being made, as we prepare to welcome locals to enjoy our handcrafted food using quality ingredients, thoughtfully cooked by our team of talented in-house chefs. 

Alinoor Milton (Chef Ali) is Head Chef at Bromley Football Club. Affectionately known for the delicious food he serves on a match day at the sell-out Exec Club and around the ground, Chef Ali has spent the past months working tirelessly on a menu he is excited to share. 

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s launch, Ali said: 

“I am very excited. It is a big responsibility for me as a Head Chef for the first time and I want Broomfields to be successful. I’m trying to give my best and I have designed a menu featuring many popular dishes from lots of different cuisines, so people can enjoy. It’s not only for children, or just for football fans; it’s for everyone and those who love food.” 

Blending together different local ingredients from high quality suppliers and delivering a first-class service is what it is all about for Ali and his team. Broomfields will be open seven days a week, offering evening service whilst serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends. 

Talking through some of his personal favourites on the Broomfields menu, Ali revealed: 

“Beginning with the starters, we have a great prawn dish with a housemade hot garlic sauce. I have made sure we have vegan options too with a housemade onion bhaji Indian option as a starter too. 

“For mains we have dishes like salmon teriyaki, beer battered fish & chips, award winning pies and my signature dish a housemade butter chicken tikka curry. We have a rotisserie, so we have lots of chicken dishes and will do roast beef for our Sunday lunches. All together, we then have puddings including homemade brownie, cheesecake and ice-cream sundaes for the kids. It’s a simple menu and a very tasty one.” 

Visitors to Hayes Lane will be able to enjoy themselves very soon but can take a sneaky peak at the food available by visiting our website www.hellobroomfields.co.uk. When talking through his menu, Ali’s infectious passion and attention detail shines through. An important point Ali was keen to emphasis, is the homemade element to the handcrafted food available at Broomfields. 

Ali said: “Everything is done here. Our onion rings for example, most restaurants don’t make their own, they will bring them in. Here we make everything ourselves. Homemade sauces, we freshly make. Even our vegan pizzas, we do without cheese and use broccoli, artichoke, olives and red onion with home-made tomato sauce. I am not using vegan cheese because the broccoli and artichoke combination is delicious and unique for us.” 

“My signature dish is a sweet potato and quinoa burger. Everyone has to try this. It is vegan and gluten-free. Quinoa, sweet potato and butternut squash combined with jalapeno, and carrot. Quinoa is a super food, so this is a healthy, protein heavy option.” 

On the subject of healthy options, this is part and parcel of Ali’s work providing food for the First Team and Academy players at Bromley. It is now interwoven into the menu and options for those coming to visit Broomfields. 

“We have healthy options, and a major issue at the moment is carbon footprint. If people look at our menu, they will see we use less oil and no butter. We use high quality vegetable oil, not normal, regular oil to try to help people enjoy healthier food. So, when people visit Broomfields, not only are they enjoying their food, but we are also helping them enjoy a better lifestyle.” 

Growing up in Bangladesh, Chef Ali was inspired to take up cooking as a career having watched and learnt from his father as a young boy. Taking his passion for food, Ali was able to apply to train as a chef, courtesy of an opportunity from the British Council and Bangladesh Government. 

That was around 20 years ago, with plenty of experience under his belt, Chef Ali describes how his journey working in the UK led him to Hayes Lane. 

“I was a lucky one and got the chance to do this. I did my training and then got a job to work in this industry and moved to the UK working everywhere. In 2015, I worked as a Lead Chef at Tottenham Hotspur. One year on, they offered me the role as Sous Chef at the stadium and I worked there until lockdown. I then moved with the same company to work at Wembley Arena. Whilst I was there, I found out about the opportunity to work at Broomfields. The Chairman offered me the job and I took it.” 

Chef Ali took the opportunity and now is excited to be a part of a community at Bromley FC which is about far more than football. 

“Bromley is an exciting project for me. This is a unique opportunity. It is more than football; it is community which is different. Normally when you work in a football stadium, everyone thinks it is all about the football, football. But Broomfields is not just football. It’s a community. It’s a community with a journey.” 

As the excitement builds around BR2, Chef Ali’s final words to encourage people to give Broomfields a try, encapsulate both the chef and person he is. 

“Everyone is excited, and I feel proud if I serve within my community. If the community love our food and service, that makes me very proud.” 

We suspect, as the plates pile up and satisfied visitors leave Broomfields with full bellies, they too will share Chef Ali’s pride at the addition of this incredible bar and kitchen at Hayes Lane. 


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