23 June 2016

Need to know: Season 2016/17

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Ahead of the new season General Manager Jeff Hutton updates us on some of the important ‘need to know’ details for 2016/17.

Transfer Window

Many of you may be aware that last season Bromley were subject to the transfer window. This meant we were unable to make ‘transfers’ outside of the August and January windows, although a technicality was discovered in our attempts to sign Adam Cunnington last season. As a National League South side, Ebbsfleet United were considered ‘non-professional’ when it came to the transfer window meaning that Adam was effectively ‘unemployed’ and able to be signed by a ‘professional club’ i.e. one that sits at the top tier of the National League or higher such as ourselves.

Fortunately, no more technicalities will be needed moving forward as the transfer window will now no longer apply to the National League top tier. This will also bring to an end the ‘Emergency Loan’ system that we needed when Alan Julian picked up an injury.

Loan Players

A slight change has been made to the rules regarding the loaning of players following the transfer window rule change. English Football League clubs will be able to loan players to clubs at our level at any time during the season (despite the EFL still being subject to the transfer window) however Premier League clubs can only organise the loaning of players to clubs at our level during the transfer windows of August and January therefore meaning any loans will more than likely be long-term or season-long loans.


As I am sure you are all aware by now the Vanarama National League fixtures will be released on Wednesday 6th July.

The festive period in this seasons calendar will see full sets of fixtures scheduled on Saturday 17th December, Monday 26th December and 1st January. Should fixture congestion occur then games can be scheduled in between these dates but these are the planned dates of which fixtures will be scheduled.

The easter weekend is an interesting one. The National League will be scheduling a full round of games on Good Friday (15th April) and on Easter Monday (17th April). Upon the release of the fixtures the club given a home game on Good Friday will have seven days from 6th July to inform the league should it wish to host the game on the Saturday instead.

It would be great to hear what supporters views would be on this should we be given a home fixture on the Good Friday. Feel free to let me know via jeff@bromleyfc.co.uk


It was also announced at the National League AGM that the board were investigating the possibility of playing all three play-off final games at Wembley Stadium on the same day and were also looking into the possibility of extending the play-offs from four clubs to six clubs.

The proposed new play-off format would mean one-leg fixtures, as opposed to the current semi final format of two-legs, in order to fit into the two week window at the end of the season and would run as follows:

  • Wednesday: 5th vs 6th (Match A)
  • Thursday: 4th vs 7th (Match B)
  • Saturday: 2nd vs Match A Winner
  • Sunday: 3rd vs Match B winner

The Vanarama National League outlined the following features the potential new format would bring:

  • More clubs in the play-off competition
  • More clubs competiting to be in the play-off competition in the season run-in
  • Same number of matches as now
  • Matches are all single legs
  • Clubs finishing higher have a greater advantage due to being at home in a one-leg match
  • Clubs finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th host a home match as they would do in the old format

The ‘Six Club Play-Off’ proposal is for no earlier that the 2017/18 season and is assumed to be for all three divisions. The Vanarama National League are likely to ask clubs to vote on this and it would be interesting to hear fellow supporters views on the matter, feel free to drop me an email; jeff@bromleyfc.co.uk

Pre Season Managers Meeting

The National League and FA have invited all the leagues managers and club secretaries to St George’s Park on the 20th July for a presentation. Details to follows.

A lot to digest but nevertheless interesting I hope, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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