10 January 2017

Neil Smith on the departure of Rob Swaine

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We caught up with Manager Neil Smith following the departure of Rob Swaine.

“Rob has been brilliant since he came to the Club but we had a chat last week and he wanted to terminate his contract, we had a good long conversation but he was finding it hard and wasn’t happy. I want players who want to be here and he didn’t, so we have to move on and progress as a Club together both on and off the field.

“It has all happened rather quickly, it wasn’t necessarily a position we were looking at up until very recently. We have a couple of replacements in mind and are in negotiations with but we have to make sure it’s right for the Club, not just for the rest of this season but moving forward. The board have said they will back me in getting the right players for the Club and that is what we’ll do.”

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