25 July 2022

Season ticket update – 22nd July 2022

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Season ticket update – 22nd July 2022

We can provide a further update regarding our 2022-23 season tickets.

Digital Season Tickets

Ticketmaster are sending out digital season tickets in two batches, the first batch this evening and the second batch Monday afternoon.

You will receive an email from ticketmaster which will then allow you to either save the PDF ticket (like you have been doing for the friendlies) or click one of the options to download the digital ticket to your apple or android wallet. This ticket will provide you access to ALL our home Men’s and Women’s friendlies and our Men’s league games from the Arsenal game Tuesday onwards. No need to keep looking out for emails before every game!

Physical Season Ticket Cards

These are being delivered to the Club end of next week and further communication will follow confirming how they can be collected from Broomfields Bar & Kitchen or our Jim Brown Club Shop from the week commencing 1st August.

Should you still have any queries regarding your season ticket please contact tickets@bromleyfc.co.uk

Thank you once again for your patience and continued support.

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