18 May 2020

Smith assesses season

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Bromley manager Neil Smith was on hand to address supporters at the Club’s virtual end of season awards ceremony.

In summary, Smith commented; “We brought in some outstanding players at the start of the season to add to those we already had, so it was a case of trying to blend them and get them to work together. With the help of Ben May and Alan Dunne, we got these boys gelling straight away.”

“It was a big ask for everyone, but to get off to the start we did was phenomenal. We started off at Chorley away and came back with a draw, and we then beat Ebbsfleet in our first home game and then just went on. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.”

Despite losing several players to injuries, loan recalls and sales, and in one instance retirement, Smith was proud of how the remainder of the squad kept believing; “I think Luke Coulson epitomised our changing room and our players’ work ethic, but like he said, without the others, he can’t perform like he did. We had a lot of things happen during the season when we lost players, but the players never gave up. They gave everything.”

He was also frustrated his side didn’t get a full run at regaining their form; “I really thought after the Harrogate game when we got the draw on TV that we were going in the right direction in respect of the fact that every player was fully fit, there was competition for places and the games that were coming up, like Chorley at home. But at the same time you have to realise there are bigger things in the world going on at the moment, and they are rightly taking priority.”

“I have a tight squad but I try and get that team spirit with the help of my coaching staff. There have been tough times where I’ve needed support from them, and we’ve all grown as a management team.”

In a message to the fans, he added; “The supporters have been amazing, they always are. I’ve said it from the moment I walked through the door. They put in the time and effort and spend their money to come and support us. All I’ve ever asked of the players is to make them proud to be Bromley supporters. To a man, I think every one of the players this season has done that. This Club is just growing year on year and I’m proud to be the manager of it.”

“These are tough times but I believe we will get through it. When you hear Robin say what he did, it gives you belief. When we are back, we’re going to need everybody; supporters, players, staff, sponsors. There is a real support for this Club.”

He added; “I look at the backroom staff, the office staff, they are all part of the family. The bar staff, the security staff, everyone wants Bromley to succeed. As long as we keep that togetherness through these tough times, we’re only going to come out of it stronger.”

“I hope there are green shoots coming up, but in the mean time, just stay safe. When we are back, we can join together and do what we want to do and achieve. I want to be the manager who takes the players to the next level, to take the Club to the league. We achieve this by all being there together at the end of this pandemic.”

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