25 February 2020

The interview: Billy Bingham

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  1. Thank you for joining us today, Billy. After signing from Gillingham last year, how has this season gone for you on a personal level?

A. Yeah, I have really enjoyed this season. I have come to Bromley to enjoy playing football and of course to give my all for the team. It’s come to that stage of the season where we want to push on again. Personally, I think I have played 30 games now and if I can get to 40 games, I would really be happy.

2. You have played in the Football League throughout most of your career. What was that experience like and what have your learned from it?

A. I think you mature naturally anyway as a player. I think playing in whatever league, you are gaining experience and as you get older you learn different things. But in terms of the National League, it’s very similar to League 2, very high tempo.

3. You played with Frankie Raymond and Dagenham and Redbridge. How instrumental was he and Neil Smith to you signing for the club?

A. They were both very instrumental. Neil rang me, told me to come to the club and he immediately sold it to me straight away. As you can see, Bromley has a lot of things going for it and many exciting plans for the future. I spoke to Frankie, who spoke very highly of the club, and I always got on well with him. So, both Neil and Frankie played a huge part in me coming here.

4. How excited are you to be back playing for Bromley after your recent injury?

A. I am buzzing! It’s come to that part of the season where it’s the crunch time. We have ten games left to hopefully get into the play offs and I really hope that we can, it’s what we have worked all season for.

5. Please describe to us briefly how important it is to keep a disciplined mentality amongst players throughout the season?

A. It’s very difficult. There are so many highs and lows in football. When things are going well, it always seems easier mentally, then when things are not going well, it’s always tougher, but that’s where you have got to train and maintain that discipline as you mentioned. I think we are doing well, we have a positive group and manager, the mentality going into most games is to do are upmost in winning that game. I have always felt going into every game that we are always prepared.

6. What’s the best thing about being involved with the team?

A. I think it’s the squad as a whole. It’s one of the best squads that I have been involved with. I would say it’s the positivity when I arrive every day – I have not had a bad day where I have come here and it’s a bad vibe around the club – it’s a great place to be.

7. With Bromley having aspirations of joining the football league and the club’s general on field performances getting stronger by the season, how positive is the future looking for the club?

A. I think you can only see with the new stand constructed and the clubs future plans, the future is looking good. Now it’s up to us for the remaining games to really push on and try and get into the football league. 

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