29 January 2020

The interview: Luke Coulson

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We caught up with winger Luke Coulson as he surpasses 12 months being at the Club.

Q. Luke, thank you for speaking to us today. You have been at Bromley for over a season now, please tell us the main differences that you have experienced at the club currently compared to when you first joined?

A. I personally think it’s just the feeling around the club. The attitude, the positivity, which has spread throughout the whole team. The structure that was put in place, especially in pre-season when it felt like a fresh start, new players coming and I luckily came before the transitional period. I was fortunate to see the changes implemented and the progression of the club

 Q. What would you say are your best attributes as a player?

A. I think my passing, vision and movement are my biggest assets that I offer. For me personally, I know I am not the quickest player, but I can get away from players by being one step ahead and I think that says a lot with the assists that I have this season.

Q. With both Michael Chambers and Corey Whitely joining the team recently, what impact do you think both players will have on the squad for the remainder of the season?

A. Oh massive, we all know about Michael’s defensive qualities and Corey’s ability. I have played with Corey before and he is an excellent player – the Bromley fans are really going to see that until the end of the season.

Q. How impressed are you with the job that Neil Smith has done for Bromley during your tenure here with the team?

A. It’s amazing. He has been here for a long period and I had heard such great things about him before I came to the club. When I spoke to Neil on the phone and spoke to people about him, for me, he was a huge reason as to why I came here. Neil’s attitude is all about positivity and getting the best out of the players-his man management skills are second to none.

Q. With Bromley pushing for promotion this year, what’s the feeling around the players and coaching staff on the fact that you could possibly achieve something memorable at the end of the season?

A. Yeah, I mean, you want to take small steps and you don’t want to get ahead of yourself, but there has to be that positivity as well that you need to believe in what you are doing. We are in a great position still, despite the recent losses.

Q. How important have the fans been for Bromley this season?

A. Oh amazing! If you look at the recent away game against Barrow, which was a half five kick off, that fact that some people even thought about going up there is just fantastic. As players, we really do appreciate the fans’ support and the commitments that they make to come and watch us play, both home and away.

Q. What makes Bromley a special club to play for?

A. I think ever since I walked through the club’s offices on my first day, it was a family environment. Everybody knows each other, everybody gets on well and everybody communicates with respect to one another. There have been previous teams that I have been at, where there was sometimes a case of separation amongst both players, staff and fans. But at Bromley, it’s just one massive community which stems right through the academy and what the club is building.

Q. Aside from football, you also have a degree in Sports Writing and Broadcasting. How hard was it balancing studying whilst playing professional football and would you recommend that players also undertake degrees or apprenticeships for life after sport?

A. Most definitely. I think it’s one of the biggest things that I recommend to people and I have had a few players speak to me about degrees and things to do after football. Undertaking a degree or apprenticeship keeps you grounded and keeps you focussed on something away from football instead of getting caught up in other matters. I did my degree at an important time in my career, when I was eighteen years old, when I did not have a football club and I am very grateful for the people that helped me through it. I am certainly proud that I managed to achieve my degree.

Interview by Alex Exadactylos

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