20 January 2023

Andy Woodman previews our clash with Aldershot Town

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Andy Woodman previews our clash with Aldershot Town

We caught up with the boss as we look ahead to tomorrow’s home game against Aldershot Town where tickets remain available here.

The Ravens go into tomorrow’s clash off the back of a fantastic 4-1 home win against Yeovil Town last weekend and the Gaffer expressed his delight at the performance:

“We played well, but I don’t think we should take away that they had a few chances. I thought our attacking play was excellent. I thought the link up play and the movement was really good too.

“What makes me really happy is all the stuff that we worked on in the week came to fruition on the day, so I was very very happy with that.”

Louis Dennis was a stand-out performer on Saturday, netting a brace and the boss has explained the recent change in Louis’ game:

“We’ve kind of freed Louis up a little bit really, he’s that sort of player who’s our maverick sort of player and with those sort of players, you give them too many responsibilities, you sort of start putting a bit of a crutch on what they can do.

“So we’ve freed Louis up a little bit and it’s no secret him and Corey Whitely are close off the pitch so you can see it replicated in their relationship on the pitch too. Louis has been really really good for us and we’re going to continue that pattern.” 

We’ve also seen the rise of Kellen Fisher and Ben Krauhaus who have both progressed from the U23s to the first team in recent weeks:

Something that has been talked about and has really been in the spotlight is the amount of chances young players are getting here. The likes of Kellen and Ben are doing really well for us!

“It’s something I’ve been really big on since I’ve been at the football club, making sure that we bleed young talent into the team from our Academy.

“I’ve looked through this league quite closely and there isn’t another club that plays 18-year-olds, especially ones that have come from their own academy, so I’m really proud of that and it’s going to continue.

“I’m happy to throw the young players in particularly when they perform like they have done. Kellen has been exceptional and Ben has come on and we want to get more minutes into him because he’s a really great talent for us and I think the fans like him too.

“Every sports fan that I see around the country loves to see one of their home grown players coming through, so that’s not going to change and if they’re good enough then they’re going to play. It’s a credit to the academy here and the people that have worked for me at a young age.”

Bromley go into tomorrow’s game off the back of some recent transfer news, including Leyton Orient’s recall of Ethan Coleman: 

“From a selfish point of view, it’s a real shame. From the point of view as a manager, it’s something I’m really proud of. I’ve taken a player that hasn’t been in the first team, he’s played for us and now he’s moved onto a higher level and we’ve done it quite a lot now.

“We’re getting a reputation, myself, Alan Dunne and the staff here as we’ve picked these players. I think Alex Mitchell was one. We’ve also had numerous players come here on loan such as Tate Campbell and they’ve left better players and have progressed their careers at a higher level.

“Good luck to Ethan and we thank him for his services.”

The news was then followed by Besart Topalloj penning a permanent deal with the club:

“It’s been a great week for Bes. When he scored that goal I was chuffed to bits, but internally I was thinking this is probably going to end up costing me more money!”

“It’s brilliant for Bes, he’s a great young talent and I think we’ve all seen in the performances how good he is.

“I can’t thank Millwall enough with how they’ve helped us with this. A huge thanks in particular to Scott Fitzgerald at Millwall and all of the academy staff.

“It was Bes’ ambition that made me really think we’ve got to sign this young man. He made it really clear he wanted to be in a first team, he didn’t want to back in an U23’s side. We sat down and spoke with Millwall, spoke with Bes and it was quite an easy decision.”

Attentions now turn to Aldershot Town tomorrow, a team the Ravens have a great record against. However, the Shots go into the game off the back of an impressive 2-1 win at Solihull in midweek: 

“I must be boring just saying it, but there’s no easy games. We’ve seen that they’ve gone to Solihull and won there and Solihull are a good team albeit having a tough time at the moment.

“This is a really tough league. Aldershot will come here with their tails up, we’ve got an old favourite coming back, Joe Partington, so I’m sure he’ll get a nice reception from people, but it’s a game that we’ve got to concentrate on.

“We all know they’re a decent team, but we’ve got to make sure the margins go our way tomorrow and we concentrate on what we’ve worked on, taking what we did last week, taking it into this game and really sort of explode on the scene.”

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