26 June 2023

Interview: Owner & Chairman Robin Stanton-Gleaves

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Interview: Owner & Chairman Robin Stanton-Gleaves

With just over two weeks to go until we kick-start our pre-season campaign, the countdown is well and truly on ahead of 2023/24.

The summer has already seen two new arrivals at Hayes Lane as we welcomed midfielder Sam Woods before securing the services of defender Cole Kpekawa.

Both arrivals came either side of our kit launch as we teamed up once again with Kappa and Printable Promotions to unveil our new home and away kits for next season.

Amidst all of the activity going on at Hayes Lane, we caught up with Owner & Chairman Robin Stanton-Gleaves.

This 28 minute interview covered a variety of topics from Kellen Fisher and on-field matters to further developments to Hayes Lane as we took a wander round our home.

We began by reflecting on a historic 2022/23 which saw the Ravens reach the play-off semi-final for the first time in their history, narrowly missing out on a second trip to Wembley in as many years.

“I’m very happy on reflection of last season. It’s the highest position this club has ever finished with our highest points total too.

“That semi-final at Chesterfield was a superb day out and the travelling crowd were terrific.

“I can’t tell you how proud I was of how we finished.”

The Chairman, who went on to express his pride in owning the football club of the town he was born and raised in, also highlighted off-field matters such as further development to the Glyn Beverly Stand.

“We have another piece of development happening to the top floor of the Glyn Beverly Stand.

“Watch this space for what they may be.

“If you look at the infrastructure and facility, and I include the floodlights, the changing room upgrades, the Exec Club, they’re all areas that needed to be improved ready for League Two football.”

In light of Kellen Fisher’s recent departure to Sky Bet Championship side Norwich City, we visited one of our Academy study rooms and highlighted the importance of developing young talent at the club.

“I think when you look at the average ages across the league, I think we’re quite far down on that list which is a great thing.

“It’s no secret that in recent times, we have had some success stories. In Andy’s first season, he blooded Liam Vincent before Portsmouth came along and paid us a fee as he progressed to EFL football.

“Andy’s carried that on and we recently accepted an offer for Kellen Fisher and we wish Kellen well as he makes the move to Norwich City.

“We’re all so proud of Kellen. He created that opportunity himself, but we delivered the platform.”

Robin’s view is to make sure everybody is welcome at Bromley Football Club and to play a huge roll within not just the football community, but our wider local area too.

“There is a 330,000 population in the London Borough of Bromley and we want to get as wide as we can within that population, whether that be through our school visits and Community activities or through our Youth Sections.”

“I want to make sure diversity exists. Equality exists. I want to ensure we’re touching every part of our Borough’s population.”

“We’re not just a football club. We’re a provider of education. We’re a facility that allows many other sports or recreational activities to happen and take place and I’m very proud of that.”

The Chairman went on to provide honest reviews of the impact of Broomfields and our new gym before looking ahead to matters on and off the pitch.

“Personally, I think we should be focusing on third and fourth next season. Let’s aim high and go beyond what we did.

“I have faith in Andy Woodman, I have faith in his team. The journey he has taken this football club on has been second to none in my opinion.

“Off the pitch, I’m really pleased with the team of people I have at the football club. Our CEO, Mark Hammond, is a bundle of energy. I love the way he leads the club.

“I love the way we have Jeff Hutton as our COO being sure and safe with the history he has with this football club.

“I’m also really pleased with the members of staff they have in their team as well as the Community side who are doing a terrific job too.”

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.

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