20 May 2016

National League Statement on Football League proposals

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Football League clubs are being asked to consider the re-organisation of the domestic league system into five divisions of 20 teams from the 2019/20 season.
The full article ‘A whole game solution’ can be read in full by clicking here >

The proposals outlined in the document would appear to have potentially fundamental implications for The National League competition.

This afternoon, National League Chairman, Brian Barwick has made the following statement:

“The National League is very concerned about the potential consequences of any potential adoption of the Football League’s ‘Whole Game Solution Discussion Paper’.

We strongly feel its attempt to re-shape the existing professional game structure has failed to take into consideration the effects of any change on football played below its proposed five divisions.We seriously believe it could be very damaging to the National League and its member clubs and will be determined to make that point very clear when we meet up with Football League officials to discuss their proposals.

The National League is an ambitious and forward-thinking organisation as well as a well-established and well-loved competition and we will do everything possible to protect both its integrity and its commercial value.”

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