7 April 2021

Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

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SarcoidosisUK are celebrating Sarcoidosis Awareness Month this April! 

The charity’s work is always important, but this month they are going all out to raise awareness  and make sure that people affected by sarcoidosis know they are not alone. SarcoidosisUK also  want to raise funds so that they can continue their vital work of supporting those with sarcoidosis through their Nurse Helpline, Patient Days and more.  

So far SarcoidosisUK has been instrumental in raising awareness of sarcoidosis, but there is still a  lot of work to be done to make the public and healthcare professionals much more aware of what  sarcoidosis is and how it affects the lives of people affected. 

That’s why SarcoidosisUK are inviting their supporters to Walk 100 Miles this April for Sarcoidosis  Awareness Month! By taking part in their Warrior Walk Challenge, supporters are helping to take  next step towards funding world-leading sarcoidosis research and providing vital support to those  living with the disease. 

The charity has also released brand new merchandise to mark the occasion, including new t-shirt  and bag designs, along with 4 new hoodie colours to choose from. 100% of proceeds from the  SarcoidosisUK Store go towards research, so you’ll be helping to make a difference and raise  awareness with your purchase. 

Visit the SarcoidosisUK website and read more about Sarcoidosis Awareness Month here: www.sarcoidosisuk.org/sarcoidosis-awareness-month/

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