An injury clinic situated within Bromley FC, specialising in both injury prevention and rehabilitation. Providing high quality sports massage services alongside tailored gym programmes and specific treatments to rehabilitate clients back to full fitness and prevent future injuries.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy sessions involve the diagnosis of injuries with the aim to treat and rehabilitate. An initial consultation is required for a physical examination to diagnose the injury, followed by a specific treatment plan which can involve soft tissue, mobilisations, exercise rehabilitation, taping and much more.

Sports Taping

Athletic taping is applied to the skin to maintain stability of both muscles and ligaments. Sports taping is widely used to provide support and protection to injured joints. Kinesio tape can also be applied to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, provide support and promote movement. Taping can be applied during any treatment session at an additional cost.

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses several techniques with the aim to decrease muscle tension enhancing flexibility, improve the integrity of injured muscles, maintain the optimum condition of healthy muscles as well as increasing blood circulation for optimal sporting performance.

Sports Rehabilitation with Personalised Gym Programme

Sports rehabilitation focuses on the prevention and treatment of sporting injuries. Bromley FC has a well-equipped gym where these sessions will take place. The personalised gym programmes will be provided with the aim to return the athlete back to optimal athletic function whilst reducing the chances of re-injury.

Body MOT

This unique treatment involves a body health check, including height and weight measurements, blood pressure readings, body fat percentages and joint range of motions, testing levels of flexibility and muscle weaknesses. Follow up sessions are also available to correct the weaknesses and improve flexibility, with exercise programmes provided to assist with this.

Myofascial Dry Cupping

A popular soft tissue therapy technique involving the decompression of cups onto the skin which creates a vacuum effect, lifting the tissues underneath. The benefits include increased blood circulation and white blood cells to injured cites, promoting healing; reduced muscle tension and swelling, as well as improving both muscle movement and mobility. Cupping is typically applied to the back, shoulders, arms and legs.

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